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So time to learn a little bit about me!

Well I first developed an interest in photography when I was around 10 years old. As a family we spent 6 months in the USA and my dad was always taking photos that were just about all on slide film. My older brother had a small Kodak camera that I got to have a go with. Once we got back home I used to grab the leather case for dads camera, the old ones that were the shape of the camera, and I would run around pretending to take photos.

Fast forward into high school and we had the option to take photography as a subject and I just loved it! Loved it so much that I was able to convince my parents to actually get me an SLR! I still have it and it still works, despite taking a tumble on more than one occasion. Anyway I wanted to be a photographer and spent as much time as I could taking photos and developing them in the schools darkroom then... School was over and I didn't manage to get myself into a photography course and had no access to a darkroom and the costs etc etc etc. I still took photos of the kids growing up and at family events but it was not the same as what I had been doing in school. Then "Digital" came along. I could not afford to get a DSLR or even a "point and shoot" for quite sometime. When I did "go digital" it was with smaller "point and shoot camera's" and shooting all in auto mode until life events in 2012/2013 made us focus on what it was we had always wanted to do in life.

I actually worked my way back through a heap of all the "arty" things that I had done over the years and remembered that at one point in my life I was not able to "find the shot" that I was looking for and started to draw it and paint it instead. I remembered this while doing some sketches and so spent time talking with my wife about it and starting to look at just how much it would cost to get a camera etc. In doing this a friend of ours allowed me to borrow his camera for a while and I found it amazing how quickly things started to come back to me.With a clear idea that, yes this is what I want to do, and some focus on the goal we arrived at purchasing a camera and then it was the question of learning new skills and the big question......

What are you going to shoot?

Well, short story long, I focus on shooting sports. Primarily cricket and aussie rules football. I have had an association with Casey-South Melbourne cricket club since 2018 and through there I have been able to become the official photographer for Victorian Premier Cricket. I have also been able to connect up with Gameface and Frankie Photography who I cover some cricket for but mostly cover Football (Aussie Rules) and Netball.

This all means that I am working most weekends of the year but if you give me enough notice I can maybe come and cover your club!